Friday, 27 February 2015

a Sizzix Spring Inervention

I'm over on the Sizzix blog today, talking about my Spring intervention, with a little inspiration from my recent Stitches trade Show Visit

This is the Broach I made with Angela, and below is a taster of what I've made to brighten up my studio for Spring!

You've still got time to make one of your own, for spring or for Easter!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

its a finish!

A birthday present for my Bestie!

Sorry about the bad lighting, but as you can imagine, being the queen of last minute, it was the night before the birthday!

Which I was very lucky enough to share in the celebrations, in style

And the birthday girl had made everyone a party bag!

Thank you so much Di for inviting me to share in your special birthday celebrations


Friday, 6 February 2015

making progress

I've not been slacking,  
I have been chipping away at one of my wips

Borders were added

Backing fabric chosen from stash

and then there were several days (read as evenings after work) of quilting

Binding is attached and I just need to find the time to stitch it down, you know, in those quiet evenings in front of the tv,  (when I'm not in my studio working on deadline stuff)

It feels good to be able to share some of my own creativity with you. 
I'll try to keep it up!  At least the finish is in sight :)

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

moving on at a pace and a half ...

February already!

So January came and went in a flash!
(was it just me?)

My one finish I can show you

Was the Sizzix table runner, which sits proudly on the table

There were other finishes, but I just cant show you them,
What I can say is, even I was a little stunned I made that!

There have been customer quilts too

and it was truly a pleasure to quilt this one for Victoria

I was so sorry to send this one home

There were 6 other customer quilts, some I'll be able to show you later this month, 
others, well, you know how it goes, waiting for them to be published.

linking this up with Lynne at Lilys Quilts
Fresh Sewing Day

Friday, 30 January 2015

Setting the table with Sizzix

You know if you follow me on instagram, you'll have seen this in the making

So today over on the Sizzix blog, you'll find a mini tutorial on how to make your own runner with the Big Shot machine, dies and a pile of pretty fabrics! 
(by the way, the Cotton and Steel Basics I got from Simply Solids, and the floral from the Village Haberdashery)

so for those of you who 'know', my table doesn't always look like this, and the runner is made to fit perfectly in length.   But that's one slippy table top right there, so to keep the runner in place, a little trip to the pound shop, and the trusty non slip grip liner to the rescue!

I cut about 10" off this roll, and it fits like a treat, my runner stays put. 
(this is the same stuff i use for free motion quilting!)

Don't forget to pop on over to the sizzix blog to check out the whole project.  
You too could have one just like it for Valentines day! 

So, that's my first finish off the FAL list too!  

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Thank You!

So the wee cushion I have on my FAL list, for Sarah, well its a private swap, with no big deadline, and I forgot all about the swap part, until a package arrived ...

and lo and behold ...

Isn't it marvelous!  

Sorry about the gloomy day picture

Looks much better on the bed!
So now I can't wait to get the Brit Bee Round robin quilt back!

I wish I had taken a close up picture of all the hand quilting detail, which is stunning!  I was took keen to get this post written, and another poorly lit picture wouldn't do it justice!

And I better get a move on with Sarah's cushion too!  

Thank you Sarah, I absolutely love it, I could gush all day and night over it!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Finish Along 2015

Yes, I'm going to join in again!

Well I was!  i just didn't get my act together, so rather than deleting the post I wrote but didn't publish, I'm declaring myself now!

I may not get everything done,but it helps me focus. 
and that is something that should be 'cultivated'

so if you hadn't heard, Adrianne, from On the Windy Side is running the show this year, and as always, there are sponsors, though the joy of finishing is enough, a little 'encouragement' can go a long way! 

so my list for Quarter One - a modest one for me!  

#1  Sarah's Cushion - something to make of the piecing that didn't quite work out for its original intention

(Ive posted pictures before, but couldn't find it at the time of writing)

#2  B&J quilt - oh its been ongoing since 2013, it just needs borders and quilting and binding and all that jazz. Time it got finished right? 

#3 Weekender bag - Nuff said!

(no picture of partial bag available, but witnesses have seen it!) 

#4  Imagine Quilts - loads of piecing to be done, but a happy slow burner

#5  Table Runner - cut ready for making

#6  Vintage Modern Quilt  -  Oh just quilting, binding and finishing off!

Very modest right?

No Linking up done, just for fun this quarter for me, to keep me on track!
Better late than never right!